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Model : CB-1501M

Screen size 15 inches

The liquid crystal screen adopts a new LCD screen

Touch screen resistance touch screen

Screen ratio 4:3

On the then 1000:1

Resolution 1024 x 768/60 Hz

Display Color 16.7M

Signal input interface VGA 15 needle d-sub interface

Display brightness 500cd/m2 ambient humidity 35 million response time 5ms

Touch mode pressure sensing backlight life 50000 hours

Touch communication interface USB normal power is less than 25W

Visual Angle h170/170 v16/160 shell size 37cm x 29.5cm x 5.5cm

Point spacing 0.264mm visual dimension 30.3cm x 22.6cm

Frequency: 30-80khz frequency: 56-75hz

Power supply 110~220 volt product certification CE, FCC

Use desktop screen Angle can be adjusted according to user habits (30 °,

160 °)

The advantages are stable and undedicated, the input is flexible, the anti

pollution ability is strong, the high frequency application, the accuracy is

high, the product life is long, conforms to NEMA 4/4x/12 and IP 65


Other properties can be used as a la carte/display product, with a small

volume/full function

Random attachment specification, warranty card, power cord, drive

Compact disc

Material engineering plastic material for shell fuselage

Principle of resistance touch screen technology:

Resistive touch screen is a main part of the surface is very match the

Resistance of the film and display screen, it is a kind of multilayer

Composite films, it with a piece of glass or hard plastic flat as grassroots,

Surface with a layer of transparent metal oxide (ITO indium oxide

Transparent conductive resistance) conductive layer, the above with a

Layer of surface hardening treatment, smooth in rubbing the plastic layer,

Its inner surface is coated with a layer of ITO coating, among them there

Are many small (less than 1/1000 of an inch) of transparent isolation point

Separates two conductive layer of insulation. When the finger touching

The screen, two conductive layers in touch point location had contact,

Controller to detect the contact and to calculate the position (X, Y),

According to simulation the mouse operate.

This is the basic principle of The resistive technology touch screen. The biggest characteristic of Resistive screen is not to be afraid of oil, dust, water.

The latest fourth Generation resistance technology Touch screen is different from other Resistive screens: it is made of glass as the base plate, which makes the Transmittance higher and the reflected refractive index more applicable to Users.

At the same time, evenly coated glass at the bottom of the

Conductive layer of the adsorption on a touch screen electrostatic

Particles through ground uninstall, guarantees the touch positioning more

Accurate, more sensitive, thoroughly remove charged particles drift

Phenomenon caused by the excessive, inaccurate positioning, response is Slow, make it last longer, and have the ability of free maintenance, prevent Scratch degrees have been greatly improved.

Touch display for use Public places bookstore, exhibition hall, gymnasium, restaurant

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